Victubia is a fan project and a work of fiction, and does not represent the thoughts, opinions or actions of the youtubers they are inspired by.

This wiki is NOT free from spoilers, while we keep most of the spoilers under collapsible space, we still highly recommend you to read the victubia comic first before browsing through this wiki.
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Welcome to Victubia
This is the Victubia Official Wikia, a companion for the WebComic series made by Gabbi Nilsson.

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As of February 13th 2016, Victubia has become a webcomic series along with Gabbi's Patreon reboot. Read the comic at the webcomic tumblr or the tapastic page.

New to Victubia? What is Victubia? What kind of Universe is this?
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Victubia started as a wallpaper series by Gabrielle "Gabbi" Nilsson. Based on the idea of putting some of her favorite YouTubers in a victorian/steampunk inspired world, where "Victubia" is the capital.

Victubia is a fan project about some of our most beloved YouTubers. Victubia takes place in a Victorian/Steampunk/Fantasy Universe, more specifically in the capital of the kingdom Victubia. It originally started as a wallpaper series by Gabbi, and was a fan project for a motion-comic series on YouTube, and as of February 13th 2016, Victubia became a webcomic series.

The story follows the adventures of the YouTubers as they band together to overcome hardships and face a serious threat to Victubia.

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This wiki contains information from the official tumblr and other official sources (Gabbi herself :x), we simply compile the information and arrange it for easier reading format and searches :)

At the moment, there are 106 pages since it's official activation on the 2nd of June, 2014.
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